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Kidsbeehappy brings you hands on, Bright Colourful fun, for children of all ages, and adults too. Products, Parties, Workshops and More.  With Consultants all over the UK

Make a bear party in the comfort of your own home

Enjoy the fun of a Bear Party, making and stuffing your own bear, decorating the clothes, all with the benefit of clear fixed pricing.

Our Product Range

Kids Bee Happy is the UK’s only Nationwide Party and Craft company, which means that we have over 500 party consultants and corporate partners across the UK offering our products and parties.

Sand Art

Sand Art is Kids Bee Happy’s most well know product.  Colouring in pictures with brightly coloured sand.  The original, and the best

Bathtime Fun

Brighten up your bath with our Risso Bath products, which include Gentle and Kind to Skin bath powders to colour the water, and fun sponge toys to play with

Bear Club

Make your own wonderful Teddy Bear friend in the comfort of your home, with Kids Bee Happy Bear Club.  You can even choose from 19 different Bears

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If you would like to find out about availability and prices for a Birthday Party, or if you would like to ask if one of our Consultants can come to your community, fundraising or corporate event, then please just quickly drop the details in this form for us and we will arrange someone local to contact you promptly.

Party Consultants All over the UK

Kids Bee Happy is the Only Party Company in the UK with over 300 consultants, which means that we are the only party company in the UK that really can provide party entertainment ALL over the UK.

So, whether your anxious in Anstruther, calm in Cardiff, frantic in Farnborough, or doubtful in Durham – the simple answer is Don’t Worry, we will have consultant near you.

So, all you need to do is drop your details onto our event enquiry form, and we will do the rest of the work for you.  The website will send it directly to a consultant near you who will contact you to discuss in a bit more detail what you would like for your party or event, and then they’ll give you a quote which will cover everything – no added extras, extra travel costs etc.

Introducing the Kids Bee Happy Bear Club!

Fixed Prices

Unlike someother Bear Experiences, your quoted price includes a wishing heart and a tee-shirt or hoodie for your children to decorate themselves

Do your own Stuffing!

With kidsbeehappy Bear Club parties the children really do make their bear themselves, and that even includes the stuffing – no sitting and watching

Perfect for Small Groups

Make a small party a perfect party.  An ideal party activity for those small personal parties at home with close friends, and a very special present to keep

Let’s Make Bathtime more Fun!

Kind to Skin

Risso bath products are made from Bicarbonate of Soda, which is kind to skin, and even suitable for most people with ezcema or other dry skin conditions.

Learn about Colours

Mix the powders to discover how colours blend, start with Blue, then add the yellow to get green, then why not add red to see if you can get orange.

Beyond the Bath

Our spongey bathpops are amazing. Melt the capsule in the water and out pop 3 spongey bath toys. And why not keep them after the bath and use them in crafts?

Looking for More?

Join for just £9 per month

Do you want to start your own Kids Bee Happy Business running birthday parties, workshops and events in your local area? Take the first step and sign up as an independent consultant today. In just a few minutes you’ll be on your way.

Art Therapy

Arbees craft club is for our Kids Bee Happy consultants, to let you expand the products and range that you offer, and to enable you to hold monthly workshop (even weekly workshops) at the same location, or for different age groups.  Our craft activities will be designed for 4 age groups: Pre School, Primary School, Secondary School and Adults, and Care home appropriate.


Do you have a business or a multisite company that could benefit from adding Kids Bee Happy’s products activities and workshops into your offering?
I found Kids Bee Happy Sand Art back in 2013/14 when looking for different ways to raise money with our existing fundraising.  The Sand Art proved to be popular with not just children but adults too and I was soon attending events most weekends.

I signed up to be an Independent Consultant so I could not only continue with the fundraising but also turn it into a job that would fit around my 5 children.

The good thing about being an Independent Consultant is that we can attend events as a family as well as earn money and with 5 children I’m never short of helpers to create example pictures as they love it as much as I do.

Lisa Hutchinson

Kidsbeehappy came to Sutton green primary school fair – kids loved it you were non stop with them great service very friendly highly recommend for school fairs and lots more.
Sophie Lewis

I had never heard about Kids Bee Happy Sand Art until a trip to my mum’s house turned into a sand art workshop on the kitchen counter, My sister had signed up as a consultant and was sharing the experience with her neices and nephews. Being a mum to 2 children with A.S.D as well as 4yr old twins our life is hectic so to suddenly see them all engaging with each other talking about there pictures and not a care about anything else, no arguments and no consoles for over 3 hours, It was such a god send for this stressed mum!
Jeanette Stiles

I brought two of these Sand Art pictures off lovely Jane Gregson at my Nephew’s Summer Fair for my Children, two for £6. They kept them busy for nearly 2 hours, they really enjoyed doing them & had great fun. I would highly recommend them. Great having the sealy bag after to protect them. The children were so proud of their creations.
Emma Jones

Sand Art is fantastic myself and my children love it.  It’s a fun activity for not only the young but the young at heart too. I saw it at an event 10 months ago and thought it was so brilliant that I joined up as a consultant and have not looked back, I enjoy seeing the joy on the children’s faces when they have created their very own masterpiece.  It is a must for everyone to try.
Kay Jackson

My daughter first experienced Sand Art at her friends party, I was very interested because I hadn’t seen it before now I love the interest I get for those who haven’t seen it before and the excitement from those who have and love to do it again. I Love seeing happy children and parents/carers.
Lou Bramwell

Join for just £9 Per Month

Do you want to have a Kids Bee Happy Business running birthday parties, workshops and events in your local area?

Join for just £9 for access to exclusive consultant products and discounts…

Play for Everyone

At Kids Bee Happy we create products and activities that everyone can enjoy, boys and girls, toddlers and teenagers, grannies and grandads too!

We don’t do girls toys or boys toys, we just do toys, and we are delighted to work with Let Toys be Toys to champion equality in play for everyone – even the grownups!

We also design all our craft and play activities to be suitable for people of all abilities. Sand Art is a very calm activity, and it appeals wonderfully to children with ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, or learning difficulties. The calm and repetitive nature of the sand art, coupled with the pre-cut, pre-glued sections means that anyone, regardless of physical abilities, or attention span, can create a fabulous picture. And as a parent or carer you will also be amazed at just how much engrossed they’ll be and you can be sure that not only will they have a fabulous time with Kids Bee Happy sand art.
Let toys be toys toymark award for Kidsbeehappy