Craft Activities for the whole family

When your business is a family venue you need activities that the whole family can enjoy together, mums and dads, grannies and grandads, big brother and little sister.   Sand Art really is that all-in-one family craft activity that you need.

Everyone Loves a Teddy

Kids Bee Happy is more than just Sand Art. Our very popular “Bear Club” products mean that your customers can choose from 19 different teddies to make in the comfort of your venue. Offering you a proven activity that families love, with all the benefits parents love of fixed prices, as well as the joy of making it.

Craft Activities for the whole family

When your business is a family venue you need activities that the whole family can enjoy together, mums and dads, grannies and grandads, big brother and little sister.   Sand Art really is that all-in-one family craft activity that you need.

Everyone Loves a Teddy

FInd out more about our very popular “Bear Club”.

Are your customers missing out?

Do you pay lip service to crafts with pots of random crayons and a few colouring sheets in a corner?

Quality Art & craft is the fastest growing way to enhance your customer experience and therefore your revenue. Companies who don’t pay attention to this, will lose valuable customers and a vital revenue stream.

Call us now to find out how Kids Bee Happy’s award winning and highly profitable craft activities can not only create exceptional happy customers but also create a vital revenue stream for your business.

So what is Sand Art all about and why do I need it in my company?

Meet the Kids Bee Happy Bear Club!

No Equipment

You don’t need to purchase in any special equipment to start offering make-a-bear activities.  All you need is a table and chairs, and a couple of wooden spoons – it really is that simple!

Wide Choice

With 19 different teddies to choose from you can be guaranteed that this activity is perfect for boys and girls.  Tigers and Cats, Spotty Bears and Brown Bears, and don’t forget all the wonderful varieties of dogs.

Easy Ordering

Order teddies individually, or in 6 packs.  Low batch sizes mean that its easy to offer a wide range for minimal set up, and our next day delivery means you always get what you need quickly.

Kids Bee Happy – Your Partner for Arts and Crafts Activities

Kids Bee Happy Sand Art

Entertains children of all ages and abilities, increases customer dwell time, and is just simply really good family fun

Proven Products

If you are looking for a simple, fun, arts and crafts activity, that will entertain and engage families of all ages and abilities, and encourage your customers to keep coming back for more – then Sand Art is it.  Tried, tested and proven in a whole range of holiday parks, councils and leisure centres, hotels, softplays and farm parks and more, it will achieve exactly what you need for your organisation too.

Quick and Easy Set Up

Joining us couldn’t be easier. We can provide everything you need, with portable yet robust equipment, even training and advice if your staff require it. We have a wide range of pictures that customers love, and we can also add value to your marketing by turning your business’s mascot or characters into customised Sand Art pictures, creating pictures that reinforce your company’s key assets, themes and values.

Easy Ordering

You can offer Sand Art to your customers with minimal effort or set up.  The equipment is light, portable, easy to set up and requires very little floorspace.  It can be run with minimal staffing, and generates on average gross margins of over 60%.  The standard commercial sand art tables enable over 20 children an hour to make a sand art picture with you, creating a valuable additional revenue stream.

Call us to discuss how we can help you

You can start providing Sand Art to your customers as quickly as a week from now, and for as little as £399+VAT for a starter package of equipment and materials   Call us today to discuss how easy this can be.

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Customised Pictures


Corporate Customers

Holiday Parks

Your Brands – Your Characters – In Sand Art

With Kids Bee Happy Sand Art we can create wonderful sand art pictures with your organisations characters


Increase Brand Loyalty

Children take pride in the pictures they create of your brand characters.

Increase Brand Awareness

Finished Pictures are permanently displayed in your customers homes.

Increase Brand Engagement

On average families spend 40 minutes creating a picture of your brand character.

Full Marketing Opportunities

Use the backs of the pictures to promote offers and other properties.
We introduced Sand Art sessions to our parks in 2013 to work alongside an already well established arts and crafts activity. Given the British weather we have always been keen to introduce more and more ‘wet weather’ activities & we saw Sand Art as just that.

Never in our wildest dreams did we expect the uptake from our holiday guests, holiday home owners and the team to be so great and as such, we have now rolled out the Sand Art activity to 35 of our award winning parks, not only as a wet weather activity or to compliment another arts and craft session but as a standalone activity and it couldn’t be more popular.

The activity couldn’t be simpler and as such it allows families of all ages to spend quality time together taking part in an activity that really breaks from the day to day. We see mums and dads choosing to relax with a coffee while the children create their very own masterpiece to take home as a memento of their holiday.

Though, more often than not, the inner child breaks free and mum and dad are soon involved in this activity that caters for all the generations. The service received from Alistair & Sandra at Kids Be Happy couldn’t have been better. Not only do they care & support our business on a national scale, they also offer a very personal touch when supporting our resorts individually.

We want to give our guests the opportunity to get creative in a fun, care free and engaging environment while on holiday. And like all our organised activities, sand art encourages greater interaction with our activity team members and fellow guests, which further enhances their holiday experience.

Andy Bell

Entertainment Support, Bourne Leisure

Serving your Business Needs

B2B Online Ordering

Our B2B system gives each of your sites access to online ordering, from a list of Head Office approved products.

Prompt Deliveries

Next working day delivery to each of your sites.  Fixed delivery costs on small orders.  Free delivery on larger orders.

Proper Customer Service

Everyone one of your sites is as important to us as Head Office.  Our friendly telephone support is always available to everyone

Single Site Companies

Don’t be worried that you’re too small for customised products – we work with lots of small companies too.

Full Access to All our Pictures

As well as customised pictures, your venues all have access to the full range of Kids Bee Happy and Disney licensed pictures

Family Owned and Proud

Kids Bee Happy is a family owned business and when you partner with us you work with a company that cares.

Corporate Sand Art Enquiry Form

When it comes to Large Businesses and Corporate set ups we know that you have just a short window each year to plan, organaise and implement new ideas, activities and concepts for your next season.

So,  even if you’re early in the season and thinking about Sand Art for next year, you should still start talking to us now, and we can start planning, creating customised products with your properties and logos, design pictures to complement other themes that you might be using elsewhere in your business.

Other benefits of talking to us early are that we can organise people to come to your pre-season training, to introduce the products and equipment to your staff, and to give them the benefit of all the small tips and techniques that we’ve learnt along the way that help make Sand Art as good as it is.

We look forward to talking to you.

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Crieff Hydro Big Country

Crieff Hydro are one of Kids Bee Happy’s longest standing corporate customers.  A Flagship family resort hotel in Scotland, both the Sand Art and the Make a Bear activities are provided as paid add on activities to the Big Country children’s centre.  Both activities provide high engagement, and are appealing and well suited to the wide age range of families staying at the hotel.

North Lanarkshire Leisure Trust

North Lanarkshire Leisure Trust offer Kids Bee Happy sand art as part of their birthday activities, it also forms part of their school holiday activities timetable. In 2016 North Lanarkshire also chose to include Sand Art at their Commonwealth Games childrens activity workshops.  In the majority of instances, North Lanarkshire’s customers enjoy the Sand Art sessions free of charge, with the affordable low cost per session paid by the trust.

Park Resorts and Parkdean

Kids Bee Happy first started working with Park Resorts in 2015, and after the merger with Parkdean we are delighted that Sand Art has been extended out by the Entertainments team throughout all holiday parks.  We created for Park Resorts a range of customised Sand Art pictures using their Sparky Gang characters.

Baxters Village Focharbars

At Baxters village, their retail team love sand art, where it’s used as a complimentary activity to add value and increase family customer experience at their family fundays, and during peak times such as school holidays, and in the run up to Christmas.  The easy set up, and prompt deliveries mean that Sand Art can be slotted into their plans quickly at short notice.

Waldegraves Holiday Park

Waldegraves Holiday park proves that you don’t need to be a huge company to benefit for Sand Art and customised character pictures.  Waldegraves is a family owned operation who focus on providing a friendly and high value offering, and Sand Art is an activity that they offer to their customers at low cost to enhance their family customers’ experiences

MAL Leisure

Although it’s warm and sunny in the Middle East, the heat means that the majority of children’s daytime activities do need to be inside and undercover.  In 2017 we were delighted to start working with MAL Leisure and “sell sand to the arabs”, but at least this it’s colourful and sparkly


The Howgate shopping centre is based in Falkirk, and they operate a children’s club to help keep the kids entertained whilst doing the shopping.  Kids Bee Happy are delighted to work with them on Holidays and High Days to help ensure that its the Howgate shopping centre that the families want to visit to stock up on all their Back to School items

Monkey Word

Monkey World, based in Dorset, have been Kids Bee Happy partners for a long time.  A wonderful organisation that has a very high number of season ticket holders and repeat family customers, Sand Art is a wonderful way for them to add on an extra activity that their customers really enjoy.