Our Message on International Women’s Day 2018

by | 08/03/2018

Hi My name is Sandra Patterson and as well as being the Managing Director of Kids Bee Happy,  I am also one of the ambassadors for Womens enterprise Scotland.  Women’s enterprise Scotland has a motto – You cannot be what you cannot see.  And as we approach #IWD2018 and we talk about #PressForProgress, I want to talk about the visibility of women owned businesses.

Our company, Kids Bee Happy, operates in the Direct Sales sector, and in the UK, there are more than half a million women running their own direct sales businesses. However, they do so quietly, and are very unlikely to ever describe themselves as business owners.

When young entrepreneurs are asked what influenced them in their decision to start a business, the overwhelmingly biggest factor was knowing a relative, or a close family friend that had started and run their own business.   Literally, they could see it, and they wanted to be it.  And as only 1 in 5 businesses in the UK are owned by women, it is crucial that as a society we encourage more.

So my request is to all the women business owners out there to be loud and to be proud, to describe yourself as a business owner, to share your stories and your experiences, and to let people know what you do.

Enjoy your day

Call out to women business owners on International Women’s Day from Kidsbeehappy on Vimeo.