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A unique, fun and educational colour powder which transforms bath water into a magical blue, yellow and red playground. Teaches children to experiment with colour mixing and combinations. Educational and fun.

Sprinkle into either a bowl of water, or the bath, and watch colour change. Add other colours and watch the combinations make new colours. Tips:
For art play, mix Angel Powder with a drop of water to make finger paint. Make Angel Powder ice cubes, and dissolve in the bath. Use in clear
vases to colour water for attractive floral displays.

Ingrediants: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Maltodrexin, Red 40 (Cl16035), or Blue 1 (Cl42090), or Yellow 5 (Cl19140).
Available in Red, Blue and Yellow

Teaches Primary and Secondary colours Teaches kids how to recognise and make secondary colours:
– Red +Yellow = Orange (The “Nemo” bath)
– Blue + Red = Purple (The “Barney” bath)
– Blue+ Yellow= Green (The “Shrek” bath)
Let the children choose the colours and tell you how to mix the primary colours to get the secondary colours.

With 1 colour of Angel Powder you get 1 colour of bath water. With 2 colours of Angel Powder you get 3 colours of bath water. With 3 colours of
Angel Powder you get all colours of the rainbow.

Use it for colour therapy – Olive Green (green plus a small amount of red) is a most relaxing colour.

One teaspoon turns bath-time into a playground.  One container can last up to 2 months if used 6 times a week.

It is completely safe – Sodium Bicarbonate, the main ingredient, softens
the water, and can ease sunburn, and is safe for children with excema. Cornstarch gives the powder a talc like feel when dry. Colourants are
internationally approved for safe use in toiletries and bath products. All ingredients are non-toxic.

When diluted, does not stain the bath or tiles, and washes off easily. Should not cause skin irritations, is safe for pregnant moms to bath with their kids.

Dermatologically Approved,, Safety Approvals Risso Angel Powder is certified for conformance to EU Cosmetic Safety Standard  Use under adult supervision. Not for direct use by children under 3 years old. Unfit for consumption.

Risso products are made to the highest standards using gentle ingredients suited to children’s delicate skin. As with all skin and body products, check for any adverse reaction. For external use only. Test and discontinue if irritation occurs. Do not use on broken skin. Avoid eyes, if it gets into the eyes, rinse with cool water. Avoid contact with textiles. Does not stain bath or skin when diluted in water as instructed. Undiluted powder can stain but washes off with soap and water. Shelf life is 2 years unopened, and 1 year
after opening.

Risso bath and body products are generally designed for children 6 months and over unless stated otherwise.

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